Top Flite Realty was founded in 1991 and since its inception has focused on real estate management and maintenance. In the company’s opinion, based on the experience of its principal, owners are generally more comfortable and realize greater efficiency and accommodation with a local management company.

The management firm, in order to be effective, must be accessible to owners and directors easily and quickly for both routine and emergency matters.


Top Flite Realty collects association fees and rents including delinquent accounts and evictions, pays all bills for which the owner or association is responsible and at the end of every month provides a detailed balance sheet and income and expense statement. Funds are always held in an account in the property owner’s name and never co-mingled with that of other clients or the Corporation.

Top Flite Realty is the only Condominium and HOA management firm based in the Reading area that continues to perform all administrative services in-house with its’ own fully insured and licensed staff.

Top Flite Realty performs routine property inspections and works with local codes officers to ensure the value of your home is protected by enforcing rules and regulations and keeping up with routine and preventative maintenance needs.

From maintenance of roofs, gutters, light fixtures, and mailboxes, Top Flite Realty has the ability to properly maintain your home and community to a level that will exceed all of your expectations.

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All Owners have a major investment in their property. They expect, and are entitled to management that has its emphasis on maintaining and enhancing the property, and providing a service at the most reasonable cost.

Top Flite Realty recognizes that community association management and management of rental property differ in some respects but for a majority of them, they are very similar. The term management relates broadly to all of the property’s activities. Management encompasses far more than just management of the physical structure.

It is a mixture of many disciplines, including law, engineering, accounting, business management, insurance, communications, and maintenance. It is a unique function that requires special training and a multitude of skills. The obligation of the management agent is to take on the administrative and maintenance duties so the owners and directors can focus on policy rather than implementation.


At Top Flite Realty, we work with the motto “Personal Service by Professionals”. We may not have a fancy website or fancy offices. We don’t accept credit cards or use a lockbox to collect your fees and rents. But, what we do have is a locally owned and operated company that will serve you by catering to your special requests and needs specific to your community.

We personally attend your meetings. We personally inspect your property. We personally answer our phones and respond to your emails. We are here to serve you.


Top Flite Realty is a small business and as such we understand that no matter the size of the company, employees have to be paid, invoices have to be sent, bills have to be paid, and follow up on collections is a necessity. Top Flite can provide all of these services plus provide detailed financial statements so you have time to run the operations and expand and increase your business.

We will work with your CPA to ensure taxes are filed accurately and on-time. We will help you operate at maximum efficiency with maximum profit.


We are members of Community Association Institute and the Credit Bureau of Reading and Berks County.

Top Flite Realty believes in giving back to the community it serves by actively supporting the Miller Keystone Blood Center and the Humane Society of Berks County.

Top Flite Realty

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